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We think that a great selection of mini dresses is a must for every girl's fashion wardrobe. Dresses Habitat has an amazing selection of mini dresses in a fabulous array of styles, fabric and colors. A great mini dress is all about fashion, style and confidence and our amazing selection will keep your closet full of wonderful choices. Make heads turn or keep its sassy and zesty with one of our sexy mini dresses. When it comes to the very best mini dresses, Dresses Habitat is proud to offer an amazing selection and there are always new choices added every week.

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A fabulous midi dress gives you so much versatility for dressing up in style for day or night. Dresses Habitat has a huge selection of fabulous midi dresses for any ocassion whether its for the office, lunch with friends or a night on the town. Our selection of midi dresses will keep your closet full of incredible fashion ideas. If its for the office, choose one of our gorgeous midi dresses with class and style that will elevate your image with co-workers. If you need a sexy midi dress for a night on the town, Dresses Habitat gives you more choice than almost any other online retailers. We are proud to offer a vast selection of gorgeous midi dresses and we are always adding new one every week so check back often.

Shop Maxi Dresses

At Dresses Habitat, we are in love with maxi dresses because they offer amazing versatility and style to a woman's wardrobe. A greating looking maxi dress creates an incredible look the gives you length and elegance. Whether is a fabulous colorful maxi dress or a stimulating sexy maxi dress, our selection is always superior and will keep you excited about creating amazing fashion looks. Maxi dresses give you an easy way to create full dynamic outfits that can be easily accessoried with jewelry and with almost any kind of shoe option. If you are in the mood for a new maxi dress remember that Dresses Habitat keeps a huge selection and every week more are added.

Shop Cocktail Dresses

A girl can dazzle the world around her when she is wearing that perfect cocktail dress. A cocktail dress in not only classy and refined but it can add a slice of sexy that no other dress can. Dresses habitat loves the look and versatility of a fabulous cocktail dress for work and play. Whether its a sexy faux leather cocktail dress or one that is edgy yet refined, our cocktail dresses will stimulate your fashion creativity and offer you amazing new looks and fashion ideas. If you want to keep your fashion ideas fresh and slightly edgy, keep a good selection of cocktail dresses in your wardrobe and of course, Dresses Habitat will always keep giving you new great looking dresses every week.

Dresses Habitat - Los Angeles, California

Dresses Habitat is a women's fashion retailer specializing in women's dresses in every style, color, fabric and design and proudly calling Los Angeles, California home. You may ask your self; "What makes Dresses Habitat Different"? Two things, fabulous dresses at amazing prices. Located in the heart of Los Angeles' fashion district, Dresses Habitat goes direct to the sewing houses and wholesale designers to get some of the very best sexy dresses at the very best prices. This allows us to offer you some of the most incredible high quality dresses that will keep you looking amazing and keep a smile on your face! We have a simple philosophy, fabulous dresses at amazing prices, thats our promise to you.

Did You Know ...

Did you know that Dresses Habitat gets some of its amazing dresses from the same wholesalers some of your other favorite retailers do such as Nasty Gal, Lulus and even some of your large name brand retailers? That's a fact. We know that when you shop at Dresses Habitat that you will fall in love with not only our fabulous dresses and amazing prices, but our commitment to service and making sure your shopping experience is the very best it can be. Shopping should be fun and you should never feel like you have over-paid. At Dresses Habitat, we strive to bring you the very best dresses at the very best prices, everyday.

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